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Cosplay Meme 2016 (visuvampy) by visuvampy
Cosplay Meme 2016 (visuvampy)
Its that time of the year again!! where I show you my tentative plan for 2016!

2015 was the begening of 2 job making it harder to work on cosplay because my body wasn't used to use that much energy XD' now that I am getting use to them, and have a bit less hour depending of the season its time to work on cosplay! or continue if they are alreay started. So here in a quick description of the plans!

1: isis from puzzle and dragon - was suppose to be finish\done in november 2015, but stuff happen and now it will be finish for Ganime 2016 on sunday. (In the progress you can see the begening of the sculpting of my magic staff! it glow 8D!!!)

2: Mewtow from pokemon version Gijinka from cowslip art. - duo with :iconyomoko: who will be my little mew! For friday of ganime and sunday of Katsucon. ( In the progress you can see the begenning of the colar)

3: Secret cosplay for ganime 2016 - only clue '' CLAMP'' in the progress the sakura flower is a progress but it's not mine ;) it will go in my friend\duo cosplay. Its also not what you think it is and it give no clue what is mine :P! for those who know! well shhh like always! I love to keep suprise until the big day. for saturday and mascarade of the convention + late friday of katsucon

4: Secret cosplay for Katsucon - Ringabel was cancel so we got a new plan! Fun fact it was something I already had started in the past but was not finish so I am saving some time there yeah!

5: Eli Ayase from love live , version snowy mountain - Stupid and crazy me decided that hey it would be soooo cool to join a an american group of love live to katsu and meet other fan! And I got into a snowy mountain group to katsu :P! we are all 9 yes!! for early friday of katsucon , outside shoot and next year christmas (hoping that there will be snow this time...)

6: Maki Nishikino from love live, version valentine day - well I am not doing this one XD'' we are a small lazy group that have order on taobao this one and waiting for it to come in. So it's 100% sur to happen hahaha because I have nothing to make on it.

7: Chuchu from show by rock - 100% sur to happen... in fact it was suppose to be in the 2015 done cosplay meme.... but I didn't brought the right wig to the shoot ;3; and it was my last shoot of the year... so first shoot next year will probably be chuchu since its actually finish exept for the guitare.

8: Esdese from Akame ga kill - motivation shall come back during the year to finish it! its so close to finish, but many small detail... du to la muerte and WCS (wich was cancel for me) I had to drop esdese to otak 2015 and report it to another time wich will be in 2016. Ill try to find time to see my group one by one to finish their cosplay and make a big akame ga kill summer shoot!

9: Light card from card captor sakura: for sunday of otakuthon 2016 in the big card group.

10: secret cosplay for otakuthon wich is my WCS cosplay for 2016! because yes this time its defenetly happening and we will start some special training for it soon! I am so hype for this one hahaha my teammates have to listen to all my crazy idea and calm me hahaha. Because there is a limit we can do XD'

11: I have a special secret cosplay wich I hope will be able to do after otakuthon its more of a maybe , but I kinda have a limit date for this one.

12: Queen Nehelenia from Sailor moon - she is my favorite villain since I am a kid and I have a crazy mascarade idea for it but I needed a sailor moon! wich is :iconyomoko: who will be my cute little sailor moon.... that mean I am entering master with her 8D'''' so if I win with her I am stuck there lol.... we will see XD I just want to do my crazy idea and wear my favorite evil queen. So yeah Saturday mascarade of otakuthon.

13: Yuna from Final fantasy X-2 - well we got a crazy idea during our coming back road from quinte mini con and so for Animara con in Sherbrook we re suppose to do all weekend the trio from FF X-2 in different dress sphere :P! (If I have understand the plan right lol) my riku and paine are master too XD' so I am getting in the master categorie there too and if I win .... and didn't already win at otak well bump up in master hahaha. we will see :P

After that it all depend of time and planning and job and tralalalalala

for the maybe Fye is already done I just need to re-do the staff who broke... but I don't know if I will have time to do a second one this winter or next christmas so its to see

La muerte is hard to bring anywhere. Ill try to put her in an artisan category mascarade and pimp her. And I also want a autumn shoot with orange leafs.

for the rest its big maybeeesss depending of time and all and motivation XD'' some of them are there to close hole and some of them are there from the last 3 tyear meme because... never made them yet... but with all my confirm plan I don't think I will have alot of time for the maybe not until mid-august that for sure. Need to push myself XD'!!

already told about my progress in the confirm plan.

for the tag anyone who want to do it!

so its this for me this year! if you have question or just want to talk don't be shy ;)

meme base made by :iconchikarasan:


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Yes, well damn it!!

I wasn't so active lately and I will be even less because of yesterday....

So to resume everything I got 2 jobs at the same time.

One during day most of the week if not all week long in a party shop and now its the halloween rush that will decided if we will stay open or close down. So since lots of the employee have school the ones who don't work in morning before until 17h. At least it will calm down after halloween and I will have less hour... but I don't know if they will need to fired me or not because of budget or something....

Second job I work in a hotel at night during weekend. So 23h to 7 am. And I sometime work at the other place 2 hour after 8D' my weekend are kinda rough on my system. But like I say after halloween everything will be better for schedule.

Saying that, having 2 job make it harder for me to work on cosplay and to go to convention or cosplay event in general and I need to keep the main one that where already plan or a quick trip to montreal since it's the closest main city from where I live, but rarely.

I did do Nozomi tojou from love live in her ghost version non idolize with my friend as Eli for halloween and a suprise maki. But I didn't even finish to post old picture yet XD'''

what make it even more complicated now and make it a '' well damn it''  ... yesterday I got a water problem in my room and my wall are all full of mold now. Since yesterday water is still dripping in a bucket and we need to destroy the wall between my room and the washing room (where we wash clothe) and maybe even the bathroom (wich we did newly renovate a few month ago... not even one year yet). To make the renovation I will need to empty my room completly... that mean my computer is going out too... where all my picture are... So I will not be able to post unless we find a way to plug it to the internet in another room of the house XD'. And this may be go on for a few week until everything is newly done and no more mold and tralala.

I will still post sometime on my cosplay page on facebook :…; since it's easier to post with my cellphone there than on DA

I hope everything will be ok before december 8D''' its not cool working with the heavy snow here in canada. Until December I should be able to finish 2 other cosplay
chuchu from show by rock with :iconsimakai: as my retoree
Isis from puzzle and dragon second evolution.

so that mostly about it. I will give news when I will come back or have acces to a decent computer with my picture and all. It's so frustrating to have this happen few days before halloween ;A; my favorite celebration and I'll have to work more than half my day.

At least with my work and all I can now buy myself some expensive stuff I really want. I just did my first big expense and bought a new 3DS to play 3ds game and all the upcoming one  <3 
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  • Eating: candy (halloween!!)
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it should be coming soon (when I'll get less lazy ;A; to edit my pics) I have 3 shoot/costumes to update
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