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Cosplay Meme 2015 by visuvampy
Cosplay Meme 2015
So here it is the cosplay meme 2015 of what I will do and will try to do!  note that ine the end I just wanted to fill up holes XD' so I put some already made that I know I will rewear for a shoot or those in the making. Samething for the maybe list at end I was filling up the holes hahaha.

So 100%:
1. Rozalin from Disgaea 2 --> curently in making as you can see at show us some progress, old picture but the best looking one so yeah XD''. Supose to be finish for Ganime and Katsucon

2. Columbus from Eiyuu senki --> I have a lot of the material if everything goes right I'll bring her for Katsucon

3. Esdese from Akame ga kill! --> For otakuthon 2015 with our akame ga kill group if everything goes right

4. Hisoka from hunter X hunter --> Ganime, katsucon and other shoot I hope I get my wig in time and all hahaha

5. Haru Yoshida from tonari no kaibutsu-kun --> Old cosplay from 2013 that I bought on internet the only one I have bought on internet was worn once but not with the good lens and with out a chicken I will have a chicken plush by spring so a spring shoot!

6. I don't know if it's supose to be secret? I put on a picture but just in case I won't say the name XD''

7. Gawain from Eiyuu senki --> made in 2014 mostly I still have some finishing touch to do on it and do photoshoot of it.

8. Fye from tsubasa reservoir chronicle --> started last year XD'' with school and all i've been slaking off but it's almost done only the coat is missing and you can see the progress of it on the picture below in the progress. Should be done by next Ganime so 2015.

9. Belzebub from yondemasuyo azazel-san --> the worst filling holes start here hahaha it's a project I started 2 year ago and never finish XD'' I'll try to finish it

10. Hades from infirmary something hades sensei tralalala --> forgot the full japanese name and I am too lazy to go check it up I have everything for this only miss a shoot and some people to do my students XD really easy so like ninja student

The will maybe do section:

1. Sakura ichiko from binbougami ga! godess form version --> we will try to do this project somewhere this year but not 100% comfirm

2. Caster from fate/extra --> been a while now that I want to do her badly so i'll try to do her and place her somewhere if possible this year

3. Kokkuri from Gugure! Kokkuri-san --> I have some of the material for him and this show was too funny hahaha I have to do him. But I don't know if I will be able to place him somewhere.

4. Kurama from yuyu hakusho demon fox version --> I really have something for demon fox this year... but yeah I have the material for this I can only do it when I finish fye since the rest of the fur will go on him so I'll try to put him somewhere during the year if I can

5. Ringabel from bravely default --> the ringabel mania! don't know if we will do a version this year but since this one i one of is fab costume I just took this costume randomly.

6. Chuchu from show by rock! --> I have the wig and the rest of the clothes are easy there was supose to be an anime of it in january but I don't know if it will happen in the end I didn't see other news about it. The mini episode where cute tough hahaha and damn it look like I have a thing for animal character this year wtf.... she is really a rabbit

7. Maki from love live --> I am all into love live since last summer so I really want to do some version *A* but we will see around this summer only if it will happen or not for this year

8. Weiss from RWBY --> now we are in the filling holes for the maybe list hahaha I have the wig and stuff but don't know if I'll be able this year again to do it I'll try and see

9. Haruka from cuticle detective inaba --> was supose to be last year but didn't have time and the money at the time it was supose to be made.... I won't have time this year at the right moment of the year too XD'' this character as the same birthday as me so yeah and my birthday is 3 day before katsucon so I won't make it in winter like I wanted so it is a will see since now I have the material

10. Matsurika from maria holic --> I have the wig and the material just need a date and the time to do it so we will see XD''

progress section:

- a picture of the coat of fye and and the dress of rozalin they are something to do XD' but thing are coming up well they should be done in time!

tag section: well I have put some name I know I will shoot some cosplay with them this year for sure and the other I still don't know what will happen with our project :o

now I need to blame :iconsimakai: for making me cosplay so many women XD this would have never happen 2 years ago and most of them are with her hahaha almost! my taste really have change since we did idolmaster back in 2012 :o! time goes by so fast obvioulsy there will be more idolmaster in the futur!

the meme was made by yue-kato I don't know if it's one of this year or last year
Visuvampy 2014 Cosplay Meme by visuvampy
Visuvampy 2014 Cosplay Meme
Here it is OTL all my super costume of 2014..... yeah I kind of slacked alot on cosplay due to school and my motivation wasn't all there but 2015 I hope will be different!

Only 3 new this year :

1: fye from tsubasa reservoir chronicle (first worn at Ganime 2014 in january) -- > coat is in the progress of being finish need to change the strap again and blablabla in shoty it's unfinish due of not having the coat and having stuff to change

2: Shintarou from kagerou project ( first worn at Ganime 2014 in january) --> the only time i've put it on also hahaha me and my friend where doing our hipster doing it before the anime release since we have read the manga and saw the video. She is more a fan than me I just joiined the project but the biggest fail.... I didn't bring the right black wig at the con D: having too much short black wig first world problem! I also didn't bring the right wig to go with my bibougami ga cosplay to my friend I also have too many white wig OTL. That why I started putting name on bag XD'''

3: Gawai from Eiyuu senki (first worn at Otakuthon 2014 in august) --> worn it 2 days of the con forgot some part of it at my friend home both days XD'' some part need to be redone like the back. I didn't make the necklage and I suck at armor so I use white long glove instead for now instead of arm armor 8D''' help me people ;A; I suck badly at armor. I had difficulty at the con with that cosplay that why it doesn't look the best but this is my best picture.

Old cosplay official shoot:
1: gintoki sakata from gintama --> do I have to say more? gintama and always more gintama hahaha

2: Maou from maoyuu maou yusha --> shall post the photoshoot soon people maybe remember it from last year it was in the 2013 meme but didn't have an official shoot! I don't have alot of picture since it was a really quick shoot but's better than nothing right? I don't know if I'll rewear it, if yes I will need to re-do the sleeve since it is what causing my pain, not being able to put my arm up and that my black coat isn't going all up just because I failed the damn sleeve XD'''

But yeah this year was really bad on cosplay side for me but I shall restart! and finish what I had started like fye and all expect lots of picture of me in 2015! well i hope ;A;''

photographer are : mrjechgo , sushi photography, maverickdelta and my friend peter! (Sorry I am too lazy to tag and search those I don't know the DA 8D''')


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Current Residence: Canada
Favourite genre of music: rock,heavy metal,pop,hip hop,classic,etc
Favourite photographer: Bahamutnight and maverickdelta
Favourite style of art: Mangas,realistic,photographie,etc
MP3 player of choice: My cellphone for now
Wallpaper of choice: gorgeous or with many character
Favourite cartoon character: too much to write them
Personal Quote: If you don't do what you really wanna do because of your look , you will never do what you wish for.

Facebook page:
I was feeling lazy lately and I didn't do a journal since school started again.

I have pass my philosophy and french in summer class and I am doing my last session in school. I still don't know what I wish for and its really complicated. I am making katsucon 2015 my last official convention confirm 100% since it will be the same week as my birthday ( I still have the problem of my parents who doesn't like usa and don't want me to go but i'll still go, my room is booked with lovely friends :P) after this I will try to find a job in tourism and depending what I get I will slow down on cosplay even more than I did this year so far. I have 3 plans but it's a really hard choice to make.

Yes 2014 was a really calm year so far and with not so many shoot (only 2 8D''') so I don't have so many thing to post I will try to edit the one from spring before the end of the month and before I get the other one I did recently (they were old cosplay from last year and over). I should have more shoot in october and december.

now for a little review of otakuthon 2014 and comic con 2014

otakuthon 2014:
took it really relax and only finished one new cosplay that I have worn on friday and saturday. It was gawain from eiyuu senki because I had to drop rozalin du to time and I wasn't feeling like doing 2 new anymore. Lets say it was not confy at all and it was hurting at the end of the day. First time doing a kinda corset-ish with the help of simakai. most complicated shit I have ever done I still need to arrange some part on it, but yeah this year was a lazy convention on that mather. Sunday was fye without the coat and damn I am happy that I didn't finish it for there in the end just the normal clothe where killing me with the heat it would have been worst with the winter coat. It will be finish for animorency mascarade on november 7. On other mathers let say it wasn't my favorite convention but not the worst, it was pretty normal but slow at the same time. It was fun but at the same time it could have been better and yes there was some small problem like anybody convention even if I am still not so happy about this part I am okay with it and don't think of it too much. There still was some highlight like chilling with member of my club who came this year and being able to be close to the mascarade stage because of my dear yomoko who made us skip in the line ~<3.

Comic con 2014:

At the begenning I was supose to go only on saturday to shoot rozalin with simakai in healer from disgaea... but a big dress for 1h30 of transportation and only maybe not even 2 hour of shooting was not really worth it... and with school starting again I wasn't feeling like rushing her and just sewing yet since otakuthon wasn't a month ago. She shall be finish for this october. So friday night I got asked to go help at Ganime table and I got my entrance for saturday and sunday for free and last min hahaha. I was really curious because it was my first time at a comic con it was fun and meh at the same time. Yes I spent most of the time at Ganime table but I was still able to do some other activity. The dealers room was huge with lots of awesome thing but since its like the main place or mostly it was reaalllyyy crowded and so hot that I got dizzy and some headache at some moment. But it was an amazing dealer room no mather what. I am just sad that there wasn't any sleepy hollow t-shirt ;A; I found a mini poster for 15$ but it was so small for that price like wtf!  At the end of saturday I went to eat with some friend before going to see the mascarade and cheer for some friends.... I am sorry but this was the worst mascarade I ever saw ;A;''' in the middle of it the room was half empty and I wanted it to finish quickly.... Yes the costumes where amazing but god that the MC where boring and hard to understand (it was easier to ear the crowd yell joke than the mc in their microphone...) it was also badly organize and everyone who was watching could tell. Also it's sad but too many walk-on with no music isn't really entertaining especially when there is 66 entry to go trough. At least it was not everyone and there was some no show that made the thing go a bit faster. Sunday I went to see the têtes a claque projection and to meet the creator I know its a stupid show but my family been watching it since it came out (we love really stupid show XD') just before that there was a monika lee question and ask but I arrive at the end and only saw like 2 min of it before being kick out... sad thing is the panel at comic con are really cut dry and they let like 30 min in space in the middle of both and nothing had change in the room or was done. The sad thing about panel is that there is so few for so many space it was like all the floor was ranted but only 3-4 room at the back of the floor was really use + the mascarade room. I would probably recommend more panel for next year and to prepare the mascarade better. So my comic con was a : it could be a better convention with more activity for those who doesn't spend all their money in the dealer room.

For those wondering saturday I did something weird I put on one of my cute dress and put on a wig I didn't have the time to use yet and did the make up test that was going with the character... it was a weird make up since its was my first time doing all white. Sunday I put on my sakeo busujima from highschool of the dead since its one of my most popular cosplay.

that's it for now! Next is animorency 2014 (as fye) and then Ganime and katsucon 2015.(hisoka,rozalin and fye for both) and some random shoot in the middle. My life is really boring so I have nothing more to say on this subject.

Until christmas I wish you all an happy halloween before the time.

I will still come often to see my messages and post sometimes.

p.s: I will never say it enough but sorry for my poor english and all the mistake
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