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Disgaea 2 - Rozalin on her throne by visuvampy
Disgaea 2 - Rozalin on her throne
It's about time I start to post picture from my old shoot XD' I didn't post my picture from the studio shoot from january 31 2015! yes that old XD' I was just lazy :P!

So here is the first I will post before going to bed :)! I made this costume and wear it for Ganime 2015 mascarade and won an honorable mention for construction with it.

Rozalin from the Play station 2 game Disgaea 2

Photographer:  :iconbahamutnight:


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Current Residence: Canada
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Personal Quote: If you don't do what you really wanna do because of your look , you will never do what you wish for.

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Summer end because school start soon for many!  Me and my family are thinking of sending me back to school to study something else but we are not quite sure what would I go study.

As for the rest of summer who is in the past and since my last journal. Thing didn't go quite as planned XD'''

First for the 2 summer shoot!  We did start my caster cosplay but the date was coming closer and in the end I didn't have enough white and pink fabric to finish the top XD'' and we hadn't start the mini short. So instead I put on a bikini version of nozomi from love live, but not an official one since we didn't have much time. But yes I don't like my body XD' you can see it because I am wearing mini shorts and a jacket and open it up a little and that was why the caster version with the jacket and mini short was perfect. When I'll lose weight and be more confident well this is funny to say but I will do more sexy cosplay XD'' until then I will do what I usually do.

For fye it did happen for the shoot :P! but my staff broke in the middle of it ;A; thank you for your year of service and going to quebec, montreal,laval and gatineau with me so many time! At least I have beautiful picture with it before it was destroy XD' There was summer Ganime who was 1 week after that shoot so I did my best to repair it. but it broke there again XD'' and I was entering the mascarade with it 8D' because my coat was finaly finish. So I had to do my skit with out it XD' and suprise I won a presentation prize making me a Journeyman! was not especting it but made me happy hahaha. I was making the name that tune and draw me something there XD. Name that tune I need to change the way it is a bit because the random buttons was making play all the clamp at the begenning and some hard old thing XD' the draw me something didn't go as planned 8D''' we didn't get our white board so participant had to draw on normal paper sheet XD' it was hard to show to the public but we still had fun.

Now it's Otakuthon 2015 time!! thing also didn't go as planned.

First we didn't do the world cosplay summit me and my teammates had to back down for personnal reason. So i put on my Nozomi chinese dress agin because it was love live day for many XD and didn't have time to do a new one because of my saturday cosplay (I had a hotel room because of it this year hahaha) got there late but not late enough to miss the Angela concert! It was amazing <3 she play all my favorite song and some new that I will probably go check soon enough! Funny part at the end they told us if you want you can stay in the room for the world cosplay summit because the concert had finish later than planned. So me and my friend we're like awwww yeah! and went in the first row close to stage where we had a good view where we didn't need the screen to see well ( unless you wanted a close up to see the detail then look at the screen) 
Then I go back to the room and finish yet again the best I could my saturday cosplay (its not new XD') with my group and for the mascarade

Wich is!! since it was a suprise! LA MUERTE!!!! From the movie the book of life :)  ( a picture someone else took and put on DA maripier photographie)

Book of Life group at Otakuthon 2015 by MaripierPhotographie

I was la muerte and my friend where grandma sanchez (yes we had the grandma!) manolo and maria :) we where entry number 66 for the mascarade in journeyman since I had won not long ago at summer ganime. Our costume was a succes XD' we had to stay at least 1 hour at that spot because people kept on coming to take picture. Until I had enough because I was missing sleep and the hat was getting heavy when staying on place so long. It was hard to move in it I have to make my hole to walk bigger XD'.  I got at the con really late because the make up took really long to make. Thank you for :iconmagias:  that made all our make up! she have lots of talents :). So my saturday wasn't alot since my movement where really slow but still had fun and was happy by the reaction of everyone who was suprise by my cosplay since it was a secret and people where saying how much they love our cosplay and all it made my day.

after that go back to the hotel made a small shoot but end quickly because my hat fell down since it was getting hard to keep it so long on my head with out hurting. Normaly I can toff it really longer but I was so tired XD' but still took a shower and went to take a bubble tea with 2 friends of my room. We had so much fun and in 30 min we had 2 running gag started because hahaha montreal street in chinatown at night and the weird people and thing :P! Then sleep and tralala.

We had to leave earlier than we tought and all it was hell with my muerte cosplay to stock it in the room until the night since I was taking an elevator almost by myself and they where always full. took almost 2 hours :\ got late to my favorite panel, the name that tunes because I had to go to the weapon check and because I had forgot my cellphone at the table and had to go back XD'. I was suppose to be esdese from akame ga kill but I had problem with it and with la muerte taking all my time I didn't finish it. So I rewear the one I made at friday of katsucon 2015 and while other friend where making eiyuu senki too, so I was Columbus from eiyuu senki. Then there was the FLOW concert <3! 2 japanese concert for 15$ I had to and 2 that I love! It was amazing with so much hype even tough I got there late and where more in the back than angela. Then go to the award ceremony for the mascarade. My team where stressing hahaha when earing thing that could have been us but wasn't hahaha but then we heard our number when we where loosing hope! Entry number 66 best problem solver. I got my first journeyman prize with my friends :o at otakuthon! ( I can't wear la muerte again if I don't enter her in artisan XD' so maybe later I'll rewear her for a mascarade) it was for workmanship and then we heard our number again for the presentation categorie but for an honorable mention for story telling. yeah! I was proud of me and my friends and my daddy was too! (and was hopping to win a price so my daddy won't be mad XD')  Then dealer room for me for the last hour to buy my friend birthday gift and see what they had this year. This year I some how spent more in 1 hour than I did last 2 year weekends XD'' must be because I have a job and didn't have time to say I'll come back later maybe, i will think about it.  Then bit of chilling and tradionnal after-con supper at the st-hubert :)!! this is how my convention end haha

Tough we had to stay at the hotel waiting for my dad XD it was fun chilling with the door man of the parking hahaha I ask him question about getting to work in hotel and happily and gently answer my question! All my respect to him! hope to maybe see him next year for some other chilling if we go to the same hotel XD.

So now we are getting in the futur! I have many cosplan (somehow) I think I will cancel kurama from yu yu hakusho and tsukuyo from gintama for this year and make them next autumn. I have the donten ni warau shoot and the quinte mini con that added up for this year convention. There is also Ganime and Katsucon close to one ech other I have to attend (and want to so baddly XD) and then maybe anime boston and then Otakuthon.

And yes next year I will surely do the world cosplay summit :)! not with the same partner tough since we wasn't able to find something that fit both our personality and taste :(! With my new partner we have choose a project to work on and do the mascarade for ganime 2016 to see how we work together and cosplay CV to send but I am keeping it suprise I love suprise lately XD'! and for the real thing for the wcs we have narrowed it down to 2 idea that we are still trying to see wich is better XD! well I think we are still not sure hahaha we are giving idea of fabric, presentation of skit on stage, wig and all for both but we are like but we need to choose only one XD'' this is so haarrrddd we love them bothhhhh  uuurrrggg.

So I don't know when i'll have other news maybe in november after quinte mini con! until then I will try to process the older shoot I didn't post yet XD' la muerte took lots of my time with work.

Until next time!! and sorry for my bad english again XD' and for the long post 8D'
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So I hurd u planned a Beelzebub cosplay? :la:
visuvampy Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2015
yup from azazel-san hahaha it was suppose to be for 2 year ago but eànever finish it. I should XD' I'll try in the next year in free time or free spot at convention
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Hi hope your doing well?  And happy valentines day!!
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Hi, yes I am doing well ^^! and you? happy late valentines days too XD'' sorry if it took me a while to answer I was less on DA recently

Thank you for the watch  also ~<3<3<3
animejoe2260 Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2015
yw!!!  I can't wait to see more pics!!
visuvampy Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2015
it should be coming soon (when I'll get less lazy ;A; to edit my pics) I have 3 shoot/costumes to update
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Hello, Visu :) (Smile)
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visuvampy Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2015
thank you ^^ <3
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Je vous souhaite le plus joyeux de tous les anniversaires! Que vous continuiez à colorer nos vies monochromes!

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merci X) <3!
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